Twilight Tennis is a fun doubles competition played on Wednesday evenings from 5.30 pm to approx 7 pm from late September/early October to end of March each year with a break over the Christmas - New Year period.

Teams consist of three players [maximum two men] ie. the team may have three women players.

Each match consists of three sets.  Each player plays two sets of 11 games each set.  The winner of the match is the team with at least 17 games won.

A handicap scoring system is used to keep scores even.  If you win the first game, then you begin the next game at 0 - 15.  If you then win the next game, you begin the third game at 0 - 30 and so on.

The competition winner will be the team with the most matches won.  In the event of a draw, it will then be the team with the most games won.

This competition is a great opportunity for adults who wish to get into tennis or get back into tennis after a break.  It is also a great chance for groups of friends or workmates to get out and have some fun.

The competition is split into two sections so there is ample space for players of all abilities.

If you are not able to make up a team on your own, please advise the Tennis Centre and we will find a team for you.

Contact:  Peter Yates M: 021 251 4294 

2020-21 Season

Team entries & entry fees are due no later than Sunday 4th October 2020

Dates for 2020-21 season  

Twilight starts for the 2020-21 season on Wednesday 14th October 2020, last games before Christmas Wednesday 16th December 2020. 

The competition restarts after Christmas Wednesday 20th January 2021 and final games played Wednesday 24th March 2021 and concludes with Prize Giving.

Draw 2020-21 season

Please have at least two of your teams players there each week at 5.30 pm with the third usually needed by 6 pm.  Don't forget your $2 gate entry fee per person.  

Teams List

Below is the team lists for this season & also reserves which can be called if you are short a team member.  Please DO NOT default.




All postponements/cancellations will be on the Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre answer machine 
ph 308 3020 from 4.30 pm