Sunset Doubles

Sunset Doubles will be operating under Level 2 Covid guidelines on Thursday 4th March 2021

The early & late games will be treated as two separate group & in order to keep the two groups from mixing please ensure you read & follow the guidelines below;

  • Please use the QR code at the gate to sign in on arrival, hand sanitiser is also provided at the entrance
  • A table will be set up outside the tournament office/outdoor bbq area to collect your scoresheets & pay balls/lights money
  • Early games will play from 6 to 7.30 pm
  • At the conclusion of play all early players are asked to vacate the courts promptly & to exit via the pavilion [not out the turnstile]
  • Early games, please take your completed scoreboards & leave them on the bench in the pavilion.
  • The bar will be open for those who wish to stay for a drink.  Please stay within your "team bubble"
  • Late games will play from 8 to 9.30 pm
  • Those who are playing late are asked not to arrive before 7.40 pm.  Please allow the early games time to have vacated the courts.  Please do not walk down the runway to your courts if there are still players form the early round yet to leave.  Wait in your 'team bubble" on the grassed area under the tree or in the bbq area away from the runway entrance.
  • At the conclusion of your games, please do not shake hands, racquet bump instead.

This is a Business House competition played on Thursday evenings at the Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre.  Teams consist of four players.  Please ensure you have extra players to ensure defaulting does not occur. 

Early games arrive 5.45 pm for 6 pm start - finish 7.45 pm

Late games arrive 7.35 pm for 7.50 pm start - finish 9.35 pm

Players are seeded 1 to 4 - strongest being No 1 and weakest being No 4

Three rounds are played on the night, each round lasting 35 minutes

  • First round, 1 and 4 play while 2 and 3 play each other
  • Second round, 1 and 3 play & 2 and 4 play each other
  • Third round, players 1 and 2 play the opposing teams 1 and 2 while 3 and 4 do likewise

Score sheets are to be completed by captain at the end of play.  Two points for each match won, one point for a draw.


If your team is short a player, please refer to the draw for the bye team [if there is a bye in your grade] and borrow player in the same or similar position as the player you are short.  ie you cannot borrow a higher ranked player from another team to fill a lower ranked position in your team.

If you are unable to borrow a player, it is the responsibility of the Team Captain to contact Sunset Doubles Convenor Murray Amyes [M: 021 152 2163] who has a list of reserves, and then if a default is unavoidable, contact the opposition [Team Captains contact details can be found at the bottom of the draw] & Mid Canterbury Tennis office to advise [E: or P: 308 3020. 

2020-21 Season

Draw 2020-21 Season

The draw played out as per dates provided on the draw.  Rained out games will be played at the organisers discretion, at the end of the round.

Any further questions contact Sunset Doubles Convenor:  Murray Amyes M:  021 152 2163


Click on the link above for competition results


All cancellations/postponements will be on the Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre Answer machine
ph 308 3020 no later than 5 pm