Junior Reps

2019-20 season

The Junior representative ladder is now open.  Open challenges can be made until 30th November, thereafter challenges may only be made to players two places above.  Tournament results may count as a rep ladder challenge when both players agree before the match and is in accordance with the challenge guidelines 

Dates for Rep Matches 2019-20 season

Sunday 24th November 2019 V Malvern  [Malvern]
Sunday 1st December 2019 V North Canterbury  [Nth Canterbury]
Sunday 9th February V South Canterbury [ATTC]
Sunday 16th February 2020 V Ellesmere [ATTC]

Rep Ladder Convenors 2019-20 season



10s Boys & Girls

Robert Breen

027 449 5850

12s Boys & Girls

Megan Parsons

027 515 9736

14s Boys & Girls

Mel Dey

021 140 8272

16s Boys & Girls