Mid Canterbury Tennis Clubs


Located on Harrison Street behind Allenton Squash Courts, Ashburton

2018-19 Annual General Meeting
Monday 27th August at 7 pm at the Allenton Club Rooms

Registration evening

Contact Club Secretary:   Megan Parsons
                                              ph:  308 5482  
                                              email:  tim.megan@outlook.com


Dorie Hall - Corner McCroys & Mainwarings Road

Dorie School - Dorie School Courts, 105 Dorie School Road

Love Tennis Open Day - Sunday 9th September from 1 to 4 pm

Dorie Hall, Cnr Mainwarings & McCrory's Road, Dorie

2018-19 Annual General Meeting

Contact:  Tanya Jackways
                  ph:  302 0915
                  email:  tanya@rotokaia.com


Located on Fairton Road, Fairton

Contact:  Vern Thomas
                   ph:  308 8401


Club located corner of Chalmers Ave & Cameron Street, Hampstead, Ashburton

Hampstead Rugby & Allsports Club - Bridge Street - close to softball diamonds etc

2018-19 Annual General Meeting
Monday 20th August 2018 at the Hampstead Club rooms commencing 6 pm

Hamstead Tennis Club Registration afternoon
Monday 10th September 2018 from 3.30 to 5 pm - All Grades


Contact:  Tony Brosnahan
                  ph:  307 7080
                  email:  nzbroz@yahoo.com

Hinds Courts

At school.  Turn right over railway line at main road, 2nd left on to Reed Street


Courts at Longbeach School (Boundary Road).  Turn left on to Longbeach Road just south of Tinwald, 5 kms down Longbeach Road


Contact:  Neil Fowler
                  ph:  303 7545
                  email:  hijinksforhair@hotmail.co.nz

Mayfield Courts

At Domain, State Highway 72 in behind hall next to pool (Take togs as a lovely pool, on a nice day)

Methven Lawn Tennis Club

Mt Hut College - Off McDonald Street, park in school carpark & in behind school building next to sports field

Domain - On Chertsey Road just out of town centre

Lady of the Snows - At rear of school, Ashburton Rakaia Gorge Road

2018-19 Annual General Meeting

Being held at the Methven Tennis Club Rooms on Wednesday 29th August 2018 at tba

Open Day

Monday 10th September from 3.15 to 4.30 pm at Methven Domain

Contact:  Rebecca Cavanagh
                  ph:  302 8273
                  email:  beccav075@gmail.com

Mt Somers

Courts located at Mt Somers Domain


Courts located at hall, follow Seafield Road to Christies Road, 22 km from town


Courts located at Rakaia Domain

Contact:  Colleen Beatty
                  ph:  302 7497
                  email:  wei_magic@xtra.co.nz


At Domain on Shepherds Bush Road

Contact:  Don Lake
                  ph:  303 6361
                  email:  don.lake@xtra.co.nz

Southern Tennis Club [Formerly Hinds, Mayfield and Longbeach Tennis Clubs]

Contact:  Anna McKeown
                 ph:  303 6236
                 email:  kevannamck@gmail.com

2018-19 Annual General Meeting
Thursday 6th September, 7.30 pm at 123 Ferrimans Road, Ashburton


Courts located in Tinwald Domain behind swimming pool

Annual General Meeting 2018-19 season

Contact:  Lana Jones
                  ph:  308 1722
                  email:  h.ljones@slingshot.co.nz


Turn right off Beach Road onto Wakanui School Road, courts at rear of school buildings

Contact:  Penny Kerr
                  ph:  308 2238
                  email:  s.wallis@inspire.net.nz

Please note: It is the policy of Mid Canterbury Tennis not to play official matches if the court surface is wet.  If people wish to play on a wet surface after play as been suspended, they do so at their own risk.


Most courts do not have bathroom facilities available